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Leaving Smashwords and Other Tidbits

If you hadn't noticed, I gave my blog a facelift, mainly because Google offered some new free Blogger templates and you know I can't resist free stuff (or leaving well enough alone). If you spot any issues or can't find something that you liked on the old blog page, please let me know, and I will fix it.

All right then, on to the main topic. With the release of the third and final book of my trilogy looming on the horizon, I've decided to retool my marketing strategy. Because the majority of the ebooks I've sold have been through Amazon, I want to try maximizing the options available through KDP Select and plan on enrolling all three books through this exclusive Amazon service (currently onlyMirrors & Mist is enrolled). Unfortunately, this means I'll have to pull Crimson & Cream from Smashwords.

I like nearly everything about Smashwords - the publishing help, multiple sales outlets, the 'meatgrinder' book formatter, free self-help guides, custom…

A Progress Update

I'm quite horrible at providing updates on my work-in-progress via social media. People don't care whether I've written 1,000 words or revised a chapter or had grilled cheese for brunch. And tweeting about it (or posting a photo of my dairy-centric sandwich on Facebook) feels like a waste of time for all involved. However, a few precious souls are interested in when the third book of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy will be released, and to those wonderful folks, I thank you wholeheartedly. This post is for you.

If you follow my little author updates at the bottom of my blog posts, I try to provide brief progress reports. And if you look back at those snippets, you'll find my projections are consistently overly-optimistic. I've always been an impatient person, and have worked on overcoming that (among countless other shortcomings) my whole life, with scant progress. Combine my recalcitrant impatience with the fact that I'm a predominantly lazy person, who enjoys rando…